The Star City Bulldog tennis team took on the Dumas Bobcats last Thursday, September 7th. The team consist of 9 girls and 12 boys according to Kaylin Parker, a Star City tennis player. The scores are not known yet due to the game being rained out halfway through, it is said that they have rescheduled for completion on September 14th.

The requirements to join the tennis team are that you must maintain at least a 3.0 and be willing to put tennis first and make it to the games. However, this year Kaylin says that the tennis coach, Coach Rowland held try-outs and picked out his players due to so many students signing up. They have a few required practices that they must attended at the Star City Mini Park, since the high school doesn’t have a tennis court. Most of the practicing is left up to the students to get together and work on their skills, otherwise known as self-motivated practices.

“I love tennis as it is a a great sport to keep you in shape and moving and is a sport you can play for the rest of your life. Tennis is also a great activity to be able to play with others who also enjoy the same sport,” says Parker. She also goes on to add that juggling her school work and tennis activities is not overwhelming, just that you have to be good at scheduling your time. The same goes for most of the others on the team, many enjoy the chance to get out of school and having fun with their teammates at the matches.

We wish the Star City Tennis team good luck at their next match!