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Jimmy Brown Elementary was awarded the Successful Outcomes for Arkansas Readers (SOAR) grant for the third year.  This grant provides funds that are used to provide extensive training in literacy curriculum and Science of Reading based best practices for literacy instruction and interventions that are provided by JBE staff. The grant also supports curriculum purchases, community outreach, and student achievement.  JBE currently uses Heggerty, Wilson Fundations, Benchmark Literacy, and Vocabulary Surge to provide daily literacy instruction to students K-5 as well as Take Flight, Barton, and Sonday for Tier 3 literacy interventions. 

JBE also received the SOAR grant for the 20-21 and 21-22 school years; funds were used previously to do all of the above-mentioned things as well as purchasing a second book vending machine.  The first vending machine was purchased by the JBE Parent Teacher Organization; students are selected each month as the golden coin winner.  With a golden coin, students get to purchase a brand new book to add to their personal library.  The addition of the second vending machine will allow JBE to provide more book options for students as well as doubling the amount of gold coin winners each month.

In addition to the curricular support the SOAR grant provides, funds granted will also support the new community-wide literacy initiative recently launched, #READSC.  #READSC is an initiative that will increase and foster a love of literacy among all readers, not just those at JBE.  As a part of #READSC, JBE plans to host and participate in a variety of literacy events throughout the year.  JBE recently participated in the Star City Community Trick or Treat, handing out over 200 bags with new books, bookmarks, and candy to children from all areas of  Lincoln County.

“We’re very fortunate to have the grant money awarded to us again.  The funds provided last year helped to address learning loss as well as funding necessary purchases to ensure JBE students receive the best instruction possible.  We are excited about our new literacy events that will be hosted later this school year .” - Kari Newton, JBE Principal

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