Seark Talent Search

The Seark Concert Association is hosting the Great Seark Talent Hunt 20-21 and they want to see all the talent Lincoln County has to offer!  Here's your chance to sing your songs, dance your dances, and deliver your dramatic readings.  Please see below for more details.

  • A talent hunt for each county will be held in that county.  Seark Concert counties include Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Cleveland, Desha, Drew & Lincoln. 
  •  Tryouts are open to everyone from 9-99 years of age, solo or group, amateur or professional. Performers must be from that county. 
  •  Details are found on our Facebook page. FB Search: Seark Concert 
  •  Record a 90 second performance on your phone, and email it to 
  • The top 10 or 12 acts will be selected and notified to appear in person for the show’s filming. 
  • Cost for tryouts: $5 for solo and $10 for group.  
  • Social distancing will be observed as each act takes the stage & performs before a videographer, soundman, and our three judges.  
  • The videographer will edit and produce a virtual talent show which will be streamed on facebook. (Facebook search: SEARK CONCERT)  
  • Cash Prizes awarded that day:
    • 1st prize: $300
    • 2nd prize: $175
    •  3rd prize: $125
First prize winners will go on to compete in the Talent Showcase at the end of April.  The winner of the Showcase event will be awarded a chance to develop a publicity package
aimed at taking them to the next step professionally. It will include:
  • time in a recording studio, if needed
  •  professional headshots
  •  logo advice
  •  advice from a pro who helps artists break into the business

Join us in celebrating your county’s top talent!

The Seark Concert Association provides music and cultural opportunities for students in our schools.  Over the years our students have enjoyed concerts, plays, puppet shows, and other experiences thanks to our partnership with Seark Concert Association.