Students at JBE are achieving impressive results in both reading and math, according to the mid-year iReady diagnostics given in January. This means our young learners are well-equipped for future success!

As a building, JBE saw a 15% increase in literacy readiness and a 16% increase in math readiness when compared to the diagnostic assessments given in September of this school year.  From the September assessment, each student was given a literacy and a math goal to work toward achieving by the end of the 23-24 school year.  At the mid-year assessment, 18% of JBE students have achieved their math goal and 28% have achieved their literacy goal!  These students received certificates and pencils in recognition of their hard work and progress. 

Here's a  grade- level breakdown of the good news:

Kindergarteners: These bright young minds are off to a fantastic start! They showed a 24% jump in math readiness and a whopping 31% increase in literacy readiness compared to the beginning of the year. Additionally, over 80% of kindergarten students have mastered letter identification and over 65% have mastered the sounds associated with letters - essential building blocks for reading! 

First, Second, and Third Graders: The momentum continues! Students in these grades also showed significant progress in both reading and math. First graders improved by 14% in math and 15% in literacy, while second graders saw a 19% gain in math and 17% in literacy. Third graders weren't far behind, achieving a 15% increase in math and 13% in literacy. This steady growth ensures they're building a strong foundation for future learning.

Fourth and Fifth Graders: As our students progress, their achievements keep growing! Fourth graders improved by 14% in math and 9% in literacy, demonstrating a strong grasp of concepts. Fifth graders rounded out the impressive results with a 10% increase in math and 11% in literacy, showcasing their ability to tackle more complex challenges.

These results are a testament to the hard work of our students, teachers, and families. They show that our schools are providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where every child can thrive. As parents, we can all be proud of the amazing progress our young learners are making!  

We look forward to celebrating their achievements and supporting their journey when we meet with parents on February 20th for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Be watching your student's communication folder or backpack for information on how to schedule your conference.