lvoe the bus month

February marks the month-long celebration of Love the Bus, a time to show gratitude towards the dedicated professionals who ensure the safety of students on their journey to and from school. This initiative is a meaningful way to recognize the diverse group of individuals who make the yellow school bus experience possible for students.

In addition to promoting safety, Love the Bus also emphasizes the positive impact that school transportation has on education. By recognizing and appreciating the efforts of these professionals, we can inspire more people to consider careers in school transportation and help to ensure that students continue to receive safe and reliable transportation services for years to come.

SCSD bus drivers travel over 400 square miles each day to ensure our students travel to and from school safely and we're so thankful to have dedicated drivers who show up every day ready to support student learning. As a district and a community, here are a few ways we can express our appreciation to our bus drivers:

  • Practice safe and proper bus behavior when on SCSD buses

  • Draw a picture or write a note for your driver

  • A heartfelt "Thank You!" is always appreciated