Bulldog Foundation

In 2020, the Star City School District had a vision to be able to provide state of the art multi-purpose facilities to the students of Star City. To accomplish this, the district knew it would need the support from everyone in the community including parents, businesses, school board, and all stakeholders in the district. From this vision came the creation of The Star City Bulldog Foundation, a non-profit group who would have a community voice in our future projects. 

Funds raised from the Foundation would offset the cost to the district by planning projects with the district and having a sustainable plan to support them ongoing. Once the Foundation was established, the ultimate goal was not only to offset the cost of new facilities, but to eventually gain enough momentum and support to provide funding for any and all other academic projects within the school system.

Since 2020 the Foundation has been able to give $200,000 back to the district to help offset the cost of our newly upgraded facilities such as Bulldog Stadium, as well as other projects inside the Star City Arena. To date there has been  over $700,000 committed to these projects ongoing, through the multiple sponsorship donations available through the Foundation. 

Now that the Bulldog Foundation has taken root and gained momentum we are pleased to announce that they are now able to support multiple academic programs within the school. On November 10th, the Foundation awarded sixteen programs throughout the district that applied, for a total of $18,676.93 in grant funding! Below are the recipients of the awards:

OrganizationAmount Granted
High School English Department$2,560
High School Science Labs$274.74
High School Science Classes$1,500.11
High School Digital Photography$2,000
High School Special Ed.$250
Special Olympics$650
Middle School Career Development$1,200
High School Spanish Department$480
Senior Beta Club$1,500
High School Math$900
5th Grade Math$1,008.42
JBE Playground $202.96
High School Videography$3,000
High School Aspire Testing$1,200
High School AP World History$1,651.70
SCMS Parent Engagement$299

The Star City Bulldog Foundation encourages anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the Foundation to reach out to a current member or contact SCSD for more information. With your help we hope to continue supporting all Star City School students in all areas of education for years to come!