Star City High School has been named 1 of 6 "Schools on the Move Toward Excellence." This is a tremendous honor for our students, teachers, and staff! A big "congratulations" goes out to the high school for this statewide honor. The data is evidence that we are moving in the right direction and at a fast pace!

The Schools on the Move Toward Excellence campaign celebrates schools that utilize a continuous cycle of inquiry (plan, do, check) to demonstrate improvement on recent state and federal accountability reports. This results in improving student achievement and growth in English Language Arts and mathematics, while also improving other measures of school performance.


The Every Student Succeeds Act gave districts the opportunity to redefine accountability for their schools and utilize evidence-based strategies that best meet their specific needs. Under ESSA, Arkansas created a plan with input from all stakeholders, including educators and community members. Arkansas' ESSA School Index contains five indicators for success: Weighted Achievement, Growth, progress toward English Language Proficiency, Graduation Rate, and School Quality and Student Success.


Through the Schools on the Move campaign, DESE highlights schools that show significant progress on different indicators, such as the following:

  • Increase in letter grade and ESSA School Index score by at least 5 points
  • Weighted Achievement score increased by at least 10 points
  • Value-added Growth score was higher than 97.5% of schools

Congratulations to these schools for improving learning for Arkansas students!

2023 Featured Schools on the Move Toward Excellence

  • Pottsville Elementary School, Pottsville School District
  • Mountain Springs Elementary School, Cabot School District
  • Rural Special High School, Mountain View School District
  • Vilonia Primary School, Vilonia School District
  • Star City High School, Star City School District
  • Flippin Elementary School, Flippin School District

Annual Schools on the Move Reports