Star City High School offers a variety of classes to all ages of students; although, there are still required classes as in Arts. There are many different categories to choose from in the Arts section as in Choir, Drama, Band, and one of the more popular categories, Art. SCHS offers many different Art classes according to the Art teacher Mr. Roger High, “Art 1, Art 2, Studio Art 2-D, Studio Art 3-D, AP Studio Art,” are the classes offered. Any grade is allowed to take an Art class, but you do have to finish Art 1 in order to move on to another class.

Along with the Art class, there is also an Art Club. With Mr. High as the leader of the club, he let me in on a little insight of what we can expect from the Art Club this year, “We currently have over 80 members in the Art Club.  This month we are taking a field trip to Memphis to visit Graceland (home of Elvis), the Memphis Zoo (ranked one of the best zoos in the country), Brooks Art Museum (the largest art museum in Tennessee), National Civil Rights Museum (dedicated to the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement), Central BBQ (one of the nation’s top BBQ restaurants), and the Memphis Pyramid (home of the Bass Pro Mega Store).

We will also be taking on several community service projects involving art and cultural enrichment.  We will participate in several art shows and competitions.  We also plan to take a spring field trip.”

If you are not currently enrolled in an Art class, taking it on next year could be something to think about. Maybe Art is not your thing, not to worry there are plenty of other Art related classes that SCHS offers. As Mr. High says though, “Art develops creativity, problem solving, judgment, appreciation for multiple perspectives, self-expression, and perseverance.  All of these are essential skills necessary for any class, any job, or life in general.“