Star City High School usually has a different foreign exchange student yearly and this year junior, Lina Feghelm had the opportunity to attend here all the way from a small town called Weinberg located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

This isn’t the first time she was a foreign exchange student for a school, but it is the first time she attends a school for a whole year, which she is really liking so far and thinks is impressive.  She has been to England for 3 weeks and French for 2 weeks, which she says is pretty different to the rest. As an exchange student you don’t have an opinion on where you want to go, so when Lina’s host family decided on hosting her, she had to go to the nearest school district, which was luckily here. Lina mentions how she is very glad to have has such a nice and loving host family who’s letting her stay a whole year with them.

Her reaction to coming here was the nervous kind. When you go somewhere new you never know what to expect or how it will go down, but Lina expresses that she has been really happy with how things turned out. Can’t forget how she is making the best of things with her move because she already has favorite things about here which are the people she met, the friends she has made, homecoming week, and how awesome the football games are

Everywhere you go is different, but to Lina there isn’t a huge difference unless you bring up the school system. Instead she brings up things more important, like what she is currently missing most about home. Being so far from home for so long already with many months to go, she misses her friends, her grandma’s food, and her cat, but nothing can compare to how much she misses her family. Though she thinks it’s just a part of being an exchange student to miss home, it’s not that bad considering she’s so busy with her life here to even think about home.

As you can see life as a foreign exchange student can be very different depending on host families, schools, cities and etc., so Star City should always stand in open arms to any and everybody who comes to stay no matter where they are from or anything and SCHS should be here for Lina to make this school is her home away from home.