Star City High School senior, Courtney Malone, has attended Star City Schools since Kindergarten and has made many friends and memories since then that she will soon leave behind upon graduation.

Courtney said that being a senior can be “dizzying”, realizing that in only a few months she will be leaving the school for good to attend college. While Courtney worries that it will be hard learning how to be an adult, she is very excited to start a new chapter in her life. According to Courtney, grades 9-11 can be very hard, however seniors usually have more slack because it’s their last year, and most of them have jobs. Courtney believes that for some people, it would be hard to juggle a job and AP classes or any hard classes for that matter; however, there are lots of seniors who seem to manage. It would be best though, to take challenging classes to prepare yourself for college, which brings us to the ACT. Courtney believes it would be best to take it during 10th grade, so that you have the next 3 school years to retake it and hopefully improve your score.

She can advise any 11th grader that you should take your time and enjoy your last few years while you have it. It might seem hard, but it’s all worth it in the end, and when it’s over, you will definitely miss it. Good luck Courtney as you begin your next adventure!