I’m pretty sure one of your parents took home economics in high school, or even one of your grandparents. If not, then meet our home economics teacher Mrs. Amy Shepherd, or ShepDog, which most students know her as. Mrs. Shepherd attended many different schools including East Central for High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, University of Arkansas in Fayetteville for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and University of Arkansas at Monticello for Masters of Arts in Teaching Business.

Mrs. Shepherd wasn’t interested in becoming a teacher; she actually majored in business.  Mrs. Shepherd had people try to influence her into the counseling direction, yet ended up as a teacher. “My high school counselor actually thought I would be good as a counselor, but to become one you must’ve had teaching experience. I eventually started teaching all around and liked it a lot, so after 6 years I decided to settle finally and since I have lived here for long in Star City, AR, this is where I committed to and I’ve been here ever since then, so this would be my 10th year here out of 16.”

There have been several changes this school year, including adding a new class for her to teach called Orientation to Teaching. At the moment that class is one of her main focuses, mostly because it’s important to introduce students to teaching as a career option. As a whole, Mrs. Shepherd is feeling pretty good about it all. “I am encouraged by the displays of cooperation, school spirit and the overall positive atmosphere this school year.  My favorite change has been saying the pledge and having a moment of silence every morning.  Doing this sets the tone for a positive, productive day.”

Many of her students also shared a few things about what they like most about the class they are in and her as a teacher; “We learn how to prepare for children whenever we have them. Also how to be cautious in our actions leading up to the future,” says Edward Finney. “Mrs. Shepherd is a caring teacher that makes sure I am prepared for every obstacle I face in life. She makes my bad days good and my good days better, say Kendall Logan.

Mrs. Shepherd’s biggest influence was her high school counselor. When she ended up liking teaching better, she began to notice a lot of things and became very passionate about teaching. “I am passionate about my subject- student learning, because I want to give them information for the rest of their life and I expect students to put forth their very best effort at all times, because it’s important..” So for all teachers and students she gives the quote; "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."