SCHS Science Teacher named AREA Educator of the Year

Leonda Holthoff is an upper level science teacher at Star City. She has also taught at Watson Chapel, Dumas and Monticello in content ranging from English, math, science, and technology which she credits to helping her see how all content is related and important. Ms. Holthoff believes in participating in the community as well with service from teaching Sunday School to Women’s League activities for the community. She says that she has enjoyed the changes that have occurred at Star City School District. Having used Google Classroom to teach in a flipped approach, she has assisted her students in developing their educational independence while realizing that educators must model flexibility in meeting the needs of their students. She has differentiated learning, used alternative assignments, cooperative learning groups, and multi-level questioning. Leonda says that she would love to have her first five years of teaching back to demonstrate more empathy, address individual student needs, and encourage student aspirations through listening. She believes in and models Star City’s approach of #WhateveritTakes.