The Vex World's Robotic Competition

Vex World's Robotic Competition is going strong. Star City's team is representing us well in this competition. The other competitors are from all over the world and the competition is FIERCE! The students are having a great time and really taking advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves to them here in Louisville.

If you want to see some of the competition you can stream it live here:…/vex-robotics-world-cham…/

We will be competing in the Science Division at the following times:

8:50, 10:16, 12:19. 2:03, and 2:38 CST

Thank you all for supporting our team and providing this great opportunity for them! We have a wonderful school district with caring individuals who truly want to provide student with a world class education and life changing opportunities.

Follow the Star City School District on Twitter for updates, @StarCitySchools.

Thank you for your continued support!