Traffic Flow Changes at JBE Take Effect August 13

Beginning August 13, 2019 -  the first day of school - JBE will begin utilizing a new traffic flow for student drop-off and pick-up. This summer, a new parking lot was constructed and a new traffic pattern created to help alleviate issues with heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons. The two front drives in front of JBE which used to be an entrance and exit will now both be entrances only (See Label A, B). The first entrance (A) will be for Grades 3-5. The second entrance (B) will be for Grades K-2. *Parents with students in both K-2 or 3-5 will use the 3-5 entrance (A) only.  Administration will make sure the K-2 students who are picked up in the 3-5 lane are in the right place. The Grade 3-5 traffic flow will enter entrance (A) and exit to the right out of (Exit C) to Highway 11. The Grade K-2 traffic flow will enter entrance (B) and exit to the left out of (Exit D) to East Dallas Ave. 

We will have Administrators, Teachers, and SRO available during the drop-off and pick-up times to assist you in learning the new traffic flow and to assist student walkers to the building along the new crosswalk labeled (X) on the map. This will be much more convenient and a safer experience in getting your student to and from JBE this school year! #WhateverItTakes