Brooke Smith
Thursday, October 05, 2017

Do you plan on getting in one of the many engineering classes that are offered at this great school? If not feel free to continue  reading this entire thing so that you may be convinced otherwise.

Not only is the teacher, Mrs. Chambliss, fabulous and a pillar of the Star City High school community but these classes are worth your time. Marco Hernandez states the “engineering teacher is great person to be around and is more than willing to help if she thinks you need it”. Throughout any of these courses you will learn how to work as a team as well as learn to use the design process. Teamwork is a very useful skill to have throughout your life.

These classes give you a foundation on which to place your engineering knowledge, you don’t have to concentrate on one thing.  This helps students who wish to pursue engineering in college. The engineering classes can be challenging but don’t let this stop you from signing up. Marco stated that “one of the hardest things you have to do is figure out why a certain part of code doesn’t work”.

These classes also have a team called the Robotics team. They build and program robots so that they can compete in tournaments.  Last year the team competed in the Worlds competition. If you want to know more about the club please go ask the engineering teacher or the robotics team.

You will learn about different fields of engineering and have a great time while doing it. If any freshmen or sophomores are reading this, I’d like to recommend these kinds of classes. Come back next week to read a quick review on Bio-Med.