Engineering at SCHS
Brooke Smith
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Star City Engineering classes are a very big part of the Project Lead The Way program. As of right now there are four classes that students can take: Introduction to Engineering and Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Engineering Development and Design. Engineering is a class where you can do things such as build, program, figure out problems, and learn the design process. All of these skills will help those in the future looking for a career in Engineering.

One new class the school started offering this year is Computer Integrated Manufacturing. In this class they will learn machine coding and also have the opportunity to be  certified in Industrial Robotics. Junior, Austin Palazzi is currently enrolled in the class; so far this year his favorite activity is where they built their own Robot. Austin says that the reason he joined engineering is because he loves math and engineering is full of math.

Austin Palazzi admits that it can have its challenges. He is currently learning how to work a program they use called ¨Robot C.¨ He also stated that engineering will help him in his future seeing as he wanted to go to college for Chemical Engineering. The advice that Austin would give to those interested in these classes is to ¨take them even if you are not planning on having an engineering career because it will help you in other classes. It will help you in trig and calculus and also your work ethic and problem solving skills.¨