Star City Middle School Pilots Program Connecting Professionals to the Classroom
Star City Schools
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Timothy J. Johnston, Program Coordinator with the Assessment, Currciulum, and Career Guidance Department of the Arkansas Department of Career Education is pleased to announce Star City Middle School will pilot Nepris for all Arkansas' schools for the 2017-2018 school year.  As part of the career exploration and planning efforts of Star City Middle School, Mr. Johnston knew Star City Middle School was the perfect school to pilot this program.  

Nepris connects teachers and students with the right industry experts.  All meetings take place virtually without having to spend much planning time or leave the classroom.  Nepris provides an effective way for companies to extend their education outreach and create equity of access.

Teachers can pick a curriculum topic or student project, and Nepris finds and invites the right industry professional to show how the topic is applied in their work, to help guide students with their projects, or to evaluate final student products. Every student has an opportunity to submit questions and take part in the discussion. Every professional has a proven framework to guide them towards productive classroom discussion. Each virtual session is recorded so everyone can benefit from this session.

Star City Middle School has a multitude of career readiness opportunities in place for students. Through Nepris, companies have the ability to extend their ability to reach and educate students.  ARCareerEd is proud to sponsor a license to so that all Star City Middle School students may experience this exciting endeavor.