Daybreak Pep Rally Overwhelming Success
Brooke Smith
Thursday, September 28, 2017

On Friday, September 15th, KATV 7’s Daybreak segment came to our school to show the Bulldog pride and spirit of the people for the football season. Football players, cheerleaders, band members, and even the community showed up to exhibit their support and excitement for the school and the football season.

Despite the pep rally being so early in the morning, many people came to the show. In fact, so there was such a good turnout, it exceeded the principal’s own expectations. “Actually, it outshined what I thought it might be in terms of the number of people,” Mr. Williamson says. When asked about the impacts of media coverage of our school, Mr. Williamson is very optimistic, saying “... I think it was a really positive event for Star City.”

Other schools may want to step their game up when they see our enthusiasm. When a cheerleader, Olivia Reed, was asked about the impact on other schools by our pep rally, she says “I think other schools seeing our school spirit will make them want to be as good as us.” Hopefully a new wave of pride and spirit can move over the area, causing excitement for school events not just in Star City, but over a large area surrounding us.