Star City School District 

Ladydogs win Regional Tournament


(L-R)  Front Row:  Brianna Burns, Jessica Beatty, Kyamber Jackson, Amira Ford, Kassidy Newton, Anna Wynn.  Back Row:  Coach Ian Biggs, Maurea Linsy, Daquasha Lewis, Kaylee Eifling, Sarajane Linsy, Taylor Owen, Amber Weatherspoon, Kyaira Jackson, Oliva Reed, Larena Walker, Coach Becky Yarbrough.

     After winning the Regional Tournament in Nashville, Arkansas, the Ladydogs are heading back to Nashville to compete in the State Tournament.  Coach Becky Yarbrough has 12 Regional wins to her credit.  
     The Ladydogs’ first game was Wednesday, February 22, against Arkadelphia in which the Ladydogs won 59-20.  Arkadelphia was up by 2 points in the first quarter (14-12), but the Ladydogs poured it on in the second quarter by scoring 21 points and shutting out Arkadelphia.  There was no looking back, as the Ladydogs’ sought the win.     
    Sarajane Linsy was a powerhouse by being the game’s lead scorer with 20 points.  Larena Walker (15 points) and Anna Wynn (15 points) both scored in double digits.  Contributing to the win that advanced the Ladydogs to the semi-finals was Amira Ford with 3, and Kyamber Jackson, Amber Weatherspoon and Taylor Owen with 2 each.
    On Friday, February 24, the Ladydogs met and defeated Dumas 54-34 with Sarajane Linsy again as Top Dog with 26 impressive points for the night.  Amira Ford scored 12, Anna Wynn 11, Kyamber Jackson 3, and Larena Walker and Brianna Burns 1 each.  
   In final play, the Ladydogs defeated Monticello 51-44 on Saturday, February 25.  Anna Wynn led on the score board with 16 points.  Sarajane Linsy added 12, Larena Walker 9, Amira Ford 8, and Kyamber Jackson and Amber Weatherspoon 3 each.

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