On the seventh of October a group of seniors from SCHS took a college day drip to the University Of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. These students took this trip to find out if they liked the school.

The trip is one of many for the seniors looking forward to learning more about UAPB. As a student who went on the trip, I can honestly say I can’t wait to go back. The day started off with a nice tour of the campus and the classrooms. After that they took us to a separate building where it was like a UAPB college fair about every class they offer. After that they fed the students and later that day invited us all inside of UAPB football stadium were the Golden Lions played Saturday evening. It felt like they really showed us some college spirit.

I asked student Stanley Reedy if that was one of the colleges he thinks he might attend. He said “ UAPB is the number one place, it makes me feel like home”. I asked if he would like to go back and visit again, he said “ I wished I didn’t have to leave”. Reedy said the best part was the “band that kept everyone hyped”. Reedy is excited about the course offerings, stating he  “they have everything I’m looking for, that is why they are my number one school”.