FFA Nite Dogs is a chapter recruitment activity that FFA members do to get people who are in the agri classes to join FFA. They have all kinds of activities that they play and they also get the chance to get to know one another.

Kayley Spivey Vice president of FFA stated “I think that Nite Dogs is one of the most successful activities that we put on and it also very fun!” She also talked about how she feels like it's not just FFA members who can come; anyone in one of Mrs. Britton's classes are allowed to come.

The FFA class has been hosting Nite Dogs for the past three or four years.

Also Nite Dogs is an annual event, so be prepared to see many more events from this club. “Being an officer and attending Nite Dogs, my favorite part is getting to meet everyone who shares the same passion I do. If I wasn't an officer and I attended then I would have to say playing all the games and getting to let loose.” Said Kayley

At this annual event FFA host they play games to get to know each other. This year they played water slide kickball, water gun shootout, a pedestal joust (gladiator game), and a get to know your officer game. They also provided snacks after school, a meal, and had an ice cream buffet!

Many of the FFA officers said they feel like it had a great impact on them and showed them how close of a tight knit family FFA really is.