Star City Gifted and Talented Program Commended for their Excellent Work
Star City Gifted and Talented Program Commended for their Excellent Work
Star City Schools
Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Gifted and Talented Program of the Star City School District received a Technical Assistance Visit from the Arkansas Department of Education, Office of Gifted & Talented and Advanced Placement on January 11, 2018.  The information contained in this report reflects the findings regarding our district's compliance with Arkansas rules governing services for gifted and talented students K-12.

After their review  of our district's implementation of state rules governing educational programs for gifted and talented students through documentation submitted prior to the visit and documentation reviewed onsite, the district's compliance with said requirements was verified. The Star City School District is commended for being in compliance in each of the following areas:

Community Involvement                 

Staff Development                           



Program Options                                         



Among the strengths noted in the Star City School District’s Gifted Program were 1)  strong evidence of community awareness and involvement including the GT program Twitter page, GT page on the school district website, and events where students showcase their work; 2) GT students share what they are learning at parent teacher conferences and in presentations to elementary students; 3) GT coordinator, Meg Brown, presents to staff and also shares information and resources via email to support them in their roles serving gifted students; 4) well organized program documentation; and 5) services to secondary students include a variety of PreAP and AP offerings, and documentation for PreAP includes syllabi for each course in which teachers described how they are providing differentiation.

Congratulations to Ms. Meg Brown and support staff for their high expectations with our GT Program.